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Be Kind. Have Fun. 

Hi, I’m Harry, when I was younger I wanted to be in Hey Duggee’s squirrel club - so much so that I got nicknamed Squirrel and the name has stuck!


This year I tried Veganuary with my Mummy and Daddy, a little adventure to help towards saving planet earth

and protecting animals.


It was really fun, I got to try and enjoy so many different colourful foods and recipes I’d never tried before, I’ve even come up with some delicious ones of my own (maple syrup with shredded carrots and chia seeds is yummy).


Vegan Squirrel is my little business and is all about being kind and having fun. I make fresh carrot juice that I sell to my neighbours, friends and family to make money. My teachers at nursery have also started buying my juice which is really cool and I now have other things you can buy too.


Daddy asked me what I was going to do with the money and I said I wanted to use it to help the planet and save animals. I want other people to have fun and join me on this adventure.


Be kind. Have fun.


Harry x

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